Corporate History



Founders Company: Paolo Savi, Michele Bruccola
Company: PAMI srl

Both born in 1980, Paolo Savi, D.O.C. Emilian, region in the North of Italy, and Michele Bruccola, «Muntriale» a dialectal way to indicate the little Sicilian town of Origin, Monreale, know each other in the early 2000s. Same interests, same entrepreneurial desire: it is immediately friendship. During a trip to Shanghai the two friends understand that in the market there is not a high quality Italian brand yet, that is not just substance, but a style. Their quality project includes an excellent product, a gift item, an object to proudly exhibit. This Intuition attracts them, but the degree of risk is still high: investments, industry collaborators, a convincing and realistic business plan are needed. In 2012 Italy is in full economic crisis, yet the market surveys they commissioned promote the idea. The two man continue to work with their personal companies setting aside for a moment the project, considering it more like a dream in the drawer.

2014: The dream comes true.

During a dinner in Parma, a city in the north region of Emilia Romagna, it is decided: the company will be born and it will be called PAMI S.r.l. (PAoloMIchele). It is 12th September 2014: the Company is formed. They needed a safe and reliable impression mark, with an elegant design: EVARRO®.

The two entrepreneurs enter the new environment in a very decisive way, the concept is simple: EVARRO must offer the best, there must not be any margin for error.

The first company meeting of Pami srl is held in Guastalla (Reggio Emilia), for lunch.

The objectives that today represent Evarro are clear:

  • Give the EVARRO brand to an extra virgin olive oil, which is not the classical oil, but: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, quality of olives Monocultivar Nocellara, unfiltered, cultivated and bottled exclusively in Sicily. The suppliers of the raw material, the olives, are selected every year before harvest and are chosen only if their product complies with the standards imposed by EVARRO. The bottle is perfectly suited to the preservation of the product, because dark, but also unique in design.
  • A fresh balsamic vinegar and an aged vinegar are also bottled. Exclusively I.G.P. Modena, because the best balsamic vinegar was born there. You must select a recipe and always keep it.
  • The EVARRO line must also have wines exclusively from vineyards grown in Italy: P.G.I. Sicilian Wines. The product is bottled in purity, without any alteration: only 100% of the indicated vineyard. There are no restrictions to any winery: the product is purchased year by year where the quality of the grapes has obtained the highest quality results.
The EVARRO Brand is quality, it is beauty, it is passion.
Nothing is left to chance, our customer buys emotions.

Today, the EVARRO project aims to expand the catalog of high quality products to offer, a project that is still long and demanding, but Evarro represents this: passion and firm belief in what the brand stands for.